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Hi, I'm Sean. I write fiction.

During my career I've had the pleasure to create stories for Marvel Comics, BioWare, DC Comics, FoxNext, Marvel Animation, Skybound Entertainment and others in comic books, graphic novels, video games, newspapers, trading cards (no, really) and on television.

I'm best known for character-driven stuff like Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane, Inhumans, Sentinel and The Waiting Place—all of which helped me to win an Eisner Award. I've also worked on The Incredible Hulk, Mystique, Teen Titans, Avengers: Kree-Skrull War, X-Men Origins, Iron Man: Armored Adventures, The X-Files and the historic Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO, among many other cool things. (I also built this site.)

Outpost Zero

Check out the new sci-fi series co-created by Sean for Robert Kirkman's Skybound and published by Image Comics. Volume 1 is available now.

Here's some stuff I've done:

Industry Awards
Eisner Award, Talent Deserving of Wider Recognition (2005)
Don Thompson Award, Best Achievement by a New Talent (1997)
Select Works for Marvel Comics
Incredible Hulk (2001)
Inhumans (2003‑04)
Sentinel (2003‑06)
Marvel Age Fantastic Four (2004‑05)
Mystique (2004‑05)
Mary Jane (2004‑05)
Gravity (2005)
Marvel Adventures Spider-Man (2005‑06)
Mega Morphs (2005)
Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane (2005‑07)
Spider-Man Family (2006‑07)
X-Men Origins (2008)
Nomad: Girl Without a World (2009)
Captain America "Nomad" backups (2010‑11)
Young Allies (2010)
Avengers: Kree-Skrull War (2011)
Avengers Origins (2011)
Fear Itself: Youth in Revolt (2011)
I Am an Avenger (2011)
Onslaught Unleashed (2011)
For BioWare
Star Wars: The Old Republic—Rise of the Hutt Cartel (2013)
Star Wars: The Old Republic—Galactic Starfighter (2014)
Star Wars: The Old Republic—Galactic Strongholds (2014)
Star Wars: The Old Republic—Shadow of Revan (2014)
Star Wars: The Old Republic—Knights of the Fallen Empire (2015)
For FoxNext Games / Fogbank Entertainment
The X-Files via Storyscape (2019-)
For Skybound Entertainment / Image Comics
Outpost Zero (2018-)
For Marvel Animation / Nicktoons
Iron Man: Armored Adventures "The Dragonseed" (2012)
For DC Comics
Birds of Prey (2007‑08)
Countdown to Final Crisis (2007‑08)
Teen Titans (2007‑10)
Terror Titans (2008‑09)
Titans (2009)
For SLG Publishing / IDW Publishing
The Waiting Place (1997‑2002; 2009)
For Image Comics
G.I. Joe: Frontline (2003)

This is only a sampling. For a more exhaustive list, check out my full Catalog.