1. 2018 

    1. July 11Outpost Zero 1Image Comics/Skybound
    2. July 25X-Men Origins: The Complete CollectionMarvel Comics
    3. August 8Outpost Zero 2Image Comics/Skybound
  2. 2017 

    1. April 26X-Men Origins: FirestarMarvel Comics
    2. December 27True Believers: Phoenix Origins 1Marvel Comics
  3. 2015 

    1. April 1Avengers: Scarlet Witch by Dan Abnett & Andy LanningMarvel Comics
    2. May 12Superman vs. DarkseidDC Comics
    3. October 27Star Wars: The Old Republic—Knights of the Fallen EmpireBioWare
  4. 2014 

    1. February 4Star Wars: The Old Republic—Galactic StarfighterBioWare
    2. April 2Spider-Man Firsts SCMarvel Comics
    3. October 14Star Wars: The Old Republic—Galactic StrongholdsBioWare
    4. December 9Star Wars: The Old Republic—Shadow of RevanBioWare
  5. 2013 

    1. April 14Star Wars: The Old Republic—Rise of the Hutt CartelBioWare
    2. December 11Mini Marvels: The Complete CollectionMarvel Comics
  6. 2012 

    1. March 1Fear Itself: Youth in Revolt HCMarvel Comics
    2. March 1Incredible Hulk: Past Perfect SCMarvel Comics
    3. April 12Avengers: Mythos OHCMarvel Comics
    4. July 11Iron Man: Armored Adventures—Season 2, Episode 24Marvel Animation
    5. October 24Fear Itself: Youth in Revolt SCMarvel Comics
    6. December 19Avengers: Mythos SCMarvel Comics
  7. 2011 

    1. January 13Captain America 614Marvel Comics
    2. January 19Mighty Marvel: Women of Marvel SCMarvel Comics
    3. February 9Onslaught Unleashed 1Marvel Comics
    4. February 9Young Allies SCMarvel Comics
    5. February 12Captain America 615Marvel Comics
    6. March 9Onslaught Unleashed 2Marvel Comics
    7. March 16Age of Heroes SCMarvel Comics
    8. March 16Avengers: We Are the Avengers SCMarvel Comics
    9. April 13Onslaught Unleashed 3Marvel Comics
    10. April 20Spider-Man: New York Stories SCMarvel Comics
    11. May 11Fear Itself: Youth in Revolt 1Marvel Comics
    12. May 25Onslaught Unleashed 4Marvel Comics
    13. June 15Fear Itself: Youth in Revolt 2Marvel Comics
    14. June 20Onslaught Unleashed OHCMarvel Comics
    15. June 22Mystique by Sean McKeever Ultimate CollectionMarvel Comics
    16. July 6Fear Itself: Youth in Revolt 3Marvel Comics
    17. July 20Avengers: Kree-Skrull War Trading CardsUpper Deck
    18. August 24Fear Itself: Youth in Revolt 4Marvel Comics
    19. September 21Fear Itself: Youth in Revolt 5Marvel Comics
    20. October 19Fear Itself: Youth in Revolt 6Marvel Comics
    21. November 23Avengers Origins: Scarlet Witch & Quicksilver 1Marvel Comics
  8. 2010 

    1. January 20Captain America 602Marvel Comics
    2. January 27Teen Titans 79 (vol 3)DC Comics
    3. February 17Captain America 603Marvel Comics
    4. February 24Teen Titans 80 (vol 3)DC Comics
    5. March 24Captain America 604Marvel Comics
    6. March 31Nomad: Girl Without a World SCMarvel Comics
    7. March 31Teen Titans 81 (vol 3)DC Comics
    8. April 7Teen Titans vol 12: Child's PlayDC Comics
    9. April 14Siege: Young Avengers 1Marvel Comics
    10. April 21Firestar 1 (vol 2)Marvel Comics
    11. April 21What If?: Secret Invasion SCMarvel Comics
    12. April 28Captain America 605Marvel Comics
    13. April 28Teen Titans 82 (vol 3)DC Comics
    14. May 19X-Men Origins SCMarvel Comics
    15. June 9Captain America 606Marvel Comics
    16. June 9Young Allies 1Marvel Comics
    17. June 16Age of Heroes 2Marvel Comics
    18. June 28Siege: Battlefield HCMarvel Comics
    19. June 30Captain America 607Marvel Comics
    20. July 8Young Allies 2Marvel Comics
    21. August 4Captain America 608Marvel Comics
    22. August 4Young Allies 3Marvel Comics
    23. August 25Captain America 609Marvel Comics
    24. September 1Young Allies 4Marvel Comics
    25. September 29Captain America 610Marvel Comics
    26. October 6Young Allies 5Marvel Comics
    27. October 13I Am an Avenger 2Marvel Comics
    28. October 27Captain America 611Marvel Comics
    29. November 3Young Allies 6Marvel Comics
    30. November 10I Am an Avenger 3Marvel Comics
    31. November 24Captain America 612Marvel Comics
    32. November 24Siege: Battlefield SCMarvel Comics
    33. December 8I Am an Avenger 4Marvel Comics
    34. December 22Teen Titans: Ravager - Fresh Hell SCDC Comics
    35. December 29Captain America 613Marvel Comics
  9. 2009 

    1. January 14Spider-Man: Amazing Friends SCMarvel Comics
    2. January 20Terror Titans 4DC Comics
    3. January 28Teen Titans 67 (vol 3)DC Comics
    4. February 4Mini Marvels: Secret InvasionMarvel Comics
    5. February 4Terror Titans 5DC Comics
    6. February 25Teen Titans 68 (vol 3)DC Comics
    7. March 4Terror Titans 6DC Comics
    8. March 11Titans 11DC Comics
    9. April 1Teen Titans 69 (vol 3)DC Comics
    10. April 1Teen Titans Annual 2009 1DC Comics
    11. April 8Titans 12DC Comics
    12. April 29Teen Titans 70 (vol 3)DC Comics
    13. May 13Titans 13DC Comics
    14. May 27Teen Titans 71 (vol 3)DC Comics
    15. June 24Teen Titans 72 (vol 3)DC Comics
    16. July 7Terror Titans SCDC Comics
    17. July 29Teen Titans 73 (vol 3)DC Comics
    18. August 19Teen Titans vol 10: Changing of the GuardDC Comics
    19. August 26Teen Titans 74 (vol 3)DC Comics
    20. September 2The Waiting Place: The Definitive EditionIDW
    21. September 10Nomad: Girl Without a World 1Marvel Comics
    22. September 10Titans vol. 2: LockdownDC Comics
    23. September 23X-Men Origins OHCMarvel Comics
    24. September 30Teen Titans 75 (vol 3)DC Comics
    25. October 14Nomad: Girl Without a World 2Marvel Comics
    26. October 14Web of Spider-Man (vol 2) 1Marvel Comics
    27. October 28Teen Titans 76 (vol 3)DC Comics
    28. November 18Nomad: Girl Without a World 3Marvel Comics
    29. December 3Teen Titans vol 11: DeathtrapDC Comics
    30. December 16Nomad: Girl Without a World 4Marvel Comics
    31. December 23Mini Marvels Ultimate CollectionMarvel Comics
    32. December 23What If? Spider-Man: House of MMarvel Comics
  10. 2008 

    1. January 16Birds of Prey 114DC Comics
    2. January 23Teen Titans 55 (vol 3)DC Comics
    3. February 13Countdown to Final Crisis 11DC Comics
    4. February 20Birds of Prey 115DC Comics
    5. February 27Teen Titans 56 (vol 3)DC Comics
    6. March 5Spider-Man, Peter Parker: Back in Black SCMarvel Comics
    7. March 19Birds of Prey 116DC Comics
    8. March 26Teen Titans 57 (vol 3)DC Comics
    9. April 2Countdown to Final Crisis 4DC Comics
    10. April 9Countdown to Final Crisis 3DC Comics
    11. April 16Countdown to Final Crisis 2DC Comics
    12. April 23Birds of Prey 117DC Comics
    13. April 23Birds of Prey: Metropolis or Dust SCDC Comics
    14. April 30Teen Titans 58 (vol 3)DC Comics
    15. May 28Countdown to Final Crisis vol. 1DC Comics
    16. May 28Teen Titans 59 (vol 3)DC Comics
    17. June 4Countdown Presents: The Search for Ray Palmer SCDC Comics
    18. June 11Ultimate X-Men vol 8 OHCMarvel Comics
    19. June 25Teen Titans 60 (vol 3)DC Comics
    20. July 2Teen Titans vol 8: Titans of TomorrowDC Comics
    21. July 16Countdown to Final Crisis vol. 2DC Comics
    22. July 30Teen Titans 61 (vol 3)DC Comics
    23. August 13X-Men Origins: Jean Grey 1Marvel Comics
    24. August 20Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane vol 2 OHCMarvel Comics
    25. August 20Young Inhumans SCMarvel Comics
    26. August 27Teen Titans 62 (vol 3)DC Comics
    27. September 24Teen Titans 63 (vol 3)DC Comics
    28. October 1Countdown to Final Crisis vol. 3DC Comics
    29. October 1Terror Titans 1DC Comics
    30. October 29Teen Titans 64 (vol 3)DC Comics
    31. November 5Terror Titans 2DC Comics
    32. November 19Countdown to Final Crisis vol. 4DC Comics
    33. November 26Teen Titans 65 (vol 3)DC Comics
    34. December 3Terror Titans 3DC Comics
    35. December 4Teen Titans vol 9: On the ClockDC Comics
    36. December 31Teen Titans 66 (vol 3)DC Comics
  11. 2007 

    1. January 24Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane 14Marvel Comics
    2. February 21Spider-Man Family 1Marvel Comics
    3. February 28Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane 15Marvel Comics
    4. March 21Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane 16Marvel Comics
    5. March 28Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane vol 1 OHCMarvel Comics
    6. April 4Spider-Man Family 2Marvel Comics
    7. April 11Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane 17Marvel Comics
    8. May 2Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane 18Marvel Comics
    9. May 16Ultimate X-Men vol. 16: CableMarvel Comics
    10. May 23Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane vol 3: My Secret LifeMarvel Comics
    11. June 6Countdown 47DC Comics
    12. June 6Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane 19Marvel Comics
    13. July 11Countdown 42DC Comics
    14. July 11Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane 20Marvel Comics
    15. August 1Countdown 39DC Comics
    16. August 29Countdown 35DC Comics
    17. August 29Teen Titans 50 (vol 3)DC Comics
    18. September 6Spider-Man Family: Back in Black SCMarvel Comics
    19. September 26Countdown 31DC Comics
    20. September 26Teen Titans 51 (vol 3)DC Comics
    21. October 3Countdown Presents the Search for Ray Palmer: Crime Society 1DC Comics
    22. October 3Lloyd Kaufman Presents: The Toxic Avenger and Other Tromatic Tales GNDDP
    23. October 3Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane vol 4: Still FriendsMarvel Comics
    24. October 24Countdown 27DC Comics
    25. October 24Teen Titans 52 (vol 3)DC Comics
    26. November 7Spider-Man, Peter Parker: Back in Black HCMarvel Comics
    27. November 28Teen Titans 53 (vol 3)DC Comics
    28. December 5Countdown to Final Crisis 21DC Comics
    29. December 19Birds of Prey 113DC Comics
    30. December 28Countdown to Final Crisis 18DC Comics
    31. December 28Teen Titans 54 (vol 3)DC Comics
  12. 2006 

    1. January 5Marvel Adventures Spider-Man 11Marvel Comics
    2. January 5Sentinel 3 (vol 2)Marvel Comics
    3. January 25Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane 2Marvel Comics
    4. February 1Marvel Adventures Spider-Man 12Marvel Comics
    5. February 1Sentinel 4 (vol 2)Marvel Comics
    6. February 22Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane 3Marvel Comics
    7. March 1Sentinel 5 (vol 2)Marvel Comics
    8. March 22Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane 4Marvel Comics
    9. April 26Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane 5Marvel Comics
    10. May 24Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane 6Marvel Comics
    11. June 1Sentinel vol 3: Past ImperfectMarvel Comics
    12. June 21Marvel Adventures Spider-Man vol 3: Doom With a ViewMarvel Comics
    13. June 28Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane 7Marvel Comics
    14. July 12Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane vol 1: Super CrushMarvel Comics
    15. July 26Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane 8Marvel Comics
    16. August 9Spider-Man Family Featuring Spider-Man's Amazing FriendsMarvel Comics
    17. August 23Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane 9Marvel Comics
    18. September 27Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane 10Marvel Comics
    19. October 11Ultimate X-Men 75Marvel Comics
    20. October 25Marvel Adventures Spider-Man vol 1 OHCMarvel Comics
    21. October 25Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane 11Marvel Comics
    22. November 1Spider-Girl vol. 7: BetrayedMarvel Comics
    23. November 22Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane 12Marvel Comics
    24. December 28Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane 13Marvel Comics
    25. December 28Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane vol 2: The New GirlMarvel Comics
  13. 2005 

    1. January 5Elektra: The Official Movie Adaptation - DeluxeMarvel Comics
    2. January 26Mystique 23Marvel Comics
    3. February 23Mystique 24Marvel Comics
    4. March 9Inhumans vol 1: Culture ShockMarvel Comics
    5. March 9Mary Jane: Homecoming 1Marvel Comics
    6. April 624 Hour Comics All-StarsAbout Comics
    7. April 6Mystique vol 4: QuietMarvel Comics
    8. April 13Mary Jane: Homecoming 2Marvel Comics
    9. May 11Mary Jane: Homecoming 3Marvel Comics
    10. June 8Gravity 1Marvel Comics
    11. June 8Mary Jane: Homecoming 4Marvel Comics
    12. July 7Marvel Adventures Spider-Man 5Marvel Comics
    13. July 13Gravity 2Marvel Comics
    14. August 1Mega Morphs Captain AmericaMarvel Comics
    15. August 1Mega Morphs Spider-ManMarvel Comics
    16. August 1Mega Morphs Ghost RiderMarvel Comics
    17. August 1Mega Morphs HulkMarvel Comics
    18. August 1Mega Morphs WolverineMarvel Comics
    19. August 1Mega Morphs Doctor OctopusMarvel Comics
    20. August 3Marvel Adventures Spider-Man 6Marvel Comics
    21. August 10Gravity 3Marvel Comics
    22. August 10Mega Morphs 1Marvel Comics
    23. August 24Mega Morphs 2Marvel Comics
    24. September 8Marvel Adventures Spider-Man 7Marvel Comics
    25. September 14Gravity 4Marvel Comics
    26. September 14Mega Morphs 3Marvel Comics
    27. October 5Marvel Adventures Spider-Man 8Marvel Comics
    28. October 5Mary Jane vol 2: HomecomingMarvel Comics
    29. October 12Gravity 5Marvel Comics
    30. October 12Mega Morphs 4Marvel Comics
    31. November 2Marvel Adventures Spider-Man 9Marvel Comics
    32. November 2Sentinel 1 (vol 2)Marvel Comics
    33. November 30Amazing Fantasy 15 (vol 2)Marvel Comics
    34. December 7Marvel Adventures Spider-Man 10Marvel Comics
    35. December 7Mega Morphs vol 1Marvel Comics
    36. December 7Sentinel 2 (vol 2)Marvel Comics
    37. December 14Gravity: Big-City Super HeroMarvel Comics
    38. December 21Marvel Spotlight: John Cassaday/Sean McKeeverMarvel Comics
    39. December 29Marvel Adventures Spider-Man vol 2: Power StruggleMarvel Comics
    40. December 29Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane 1Marvel Comics
  14. 2004 

    1. January 7Sentinel 11Marvel Comics
    2. February 4Inhumans 9 (vol 4)Marvel Comics
    3. February 11Sentinel 12Marvel Comics
    4. February 25Inhumans 10 (vol 4)Marvel Comics
    5. March 17Inhumans 11 (vol 4)Marvel Comics
    6. April 14Inhumans 12 (vol 4)Marvel Comics
    7. April 14Marvel Age Fantastic Four 1Marvel Comics
    8. April 14Sentinel vol 1: SalvageMarvel Comics
    9. May 5Marvel Age Fantastic Four 2Marvel Comics
    10. May 12Mystique 14Marvel Comics
    11. May 19CounterSelf-Published
    12. May 26Mystique 15Marvel Comics
    13. June 3Marvel Age Fantastic Four 3Marvel Comics
    14. June 16Mary Jane 1Marvel Comics
    15. June 23Mystique 16Marvel Comics
    16. July 8Marvel Age Fantastic Four 4Marvel Comics
    17. July 8Marvel Age Fantastic Four vol 1: All For OneMarvel Comics
    18. July 21G.I. Joe: Frontline vol 4 - One-ShotsDDP
    19. July 21Mary Jane 2Marvel Comics
    20. July 28Mystique 17Marvel Comics
    21. August 18Mary Jane 3Marvel Comics
    22. August 25Mystique 18Marvel Comics
    23. September 15Mary Jane 4Marvel Comics
    24. September 22Mystique 19Marvel Comics
    25. October 13Sentinel vol 2: No HeroMarvel Comics
    26. October 27Mystique 20Marvel Comics
    27. November 3Mary Jane vol 1: Circle of FriendsMarvel Comics
    28. November 24Mystique 21Marvel Comics
    29. November 27The Meredith ClubSelf-Published
    30. December 22Mystique 22Marvel Comics
    31. December 22Mystique vol. 3: UnnaturalMarvel Comics
    32. December 29Elektra: The Official Movie Adaptation - StandardMarvel Comics
  15. 2003 

    1. January 3Marvel Double-Shot 3Marvel Comics
    2. April 2Sentinel 1Marvel Comics
    3. May 7Sentinel 2Marvel Comics
    4. May 29Inhumans 1 (vol 4)Marvel Comics
    5. June 18Sentinel 3Marvel Comics
    6. June 25Inhumans 2 (vol 4)Marvel Comics
    7. July 2Sentinel 4Marvel Comics
    8. July 23G.I. Joe: Frontline 9DDP
    9. July 23Inhumans 3 (vol 4)Marvel Comics
    10. July 23Vampi: Vicious 1Anarchy
    11. July 30G.I. Joe: Frontline 10DDP
    12. August 6Sentinel 5Marvel Comics
    13. August 27Inhumans 4 (vol 4)Marvel Comics
    14. August 27The Waiting Place Book ThreeSLG
    15. September 4Sentinel 6Marvel Comics
    16. September 24Inhumans 5 (vol 4)Marvel Comics
    17. October 8Sentinel 7Marvel Comics
    18. October 22Inhumans 6 (vol 4)Marvel Comics
    19. October 22Sentinel 8Marvel Comics
    20. October 29Vampi: Vicious 2Anarchy
    21. November 5Sentinel 9Marvel Comics
    22. November 26Inhumans 7 (vol 4)Marvel Comics
    23. December 3Sentinel 10Marvel Comics
    24. December 24Inhumans 8 (vol 4)Marvel Comics
    25. December 24Vampi: Vicious 3Anarchy
  16. 2002 

    1. March 6The Waiting Place 12 (vol 2)SLG
    2. June 1TowerSirius
    3. June 24The Waiting Place Book TwoSLG
    4. August 5Spider-Girl 51Marvel Comics
    5. November 30Looking at the Front DoorSelf-Published
  17. 2001 

    1. March 7The Waiting Place 7 (vol 2)SLG
    2. April 28Incredible Hulk 26 (vol 2)Marvel Comics
    3. May 11The Waiting Place 8 (vol 2)SLG
    4. May 11The Waiting Place Book OneSLG
    5. August 5The Waiting Place 9 (vol 2)SLG
    6. August 25Incredible Hulk 30 (vol 2)Marvel Comics
    7. September 15Incredible Hulk 31 (vol 2)Marvel Comics
    8. September 29The Waiting Place 10 (vol 2)SLG
    9. October 26Incredible Hulk 32 (vol 2)Marvel Comics
    10. December 7The Waiting Place 11 (vol 2)SLG
  18. 2000 

    1. February 26The Waiting Place 2 (vol 2)SLG
    2. April 15The Waiting Place 3 (vol 2)SLG
    3. June 10The Waiting Place 4 (vol 2)SLG
    4. September 30The Waiting Place 5 (vol 2)SLG
    5. December 11The Waiting Place 6 (vol 2)SLG
  19. 1999 

    1. December 17The Waiting Place 1 (vol 2)SLG
  20. 1997 

    1. MarchNegative Burn 44Caliber
    2. MayThe Waiting Place 1 (vol 1)SLG
    3. JuneThe Waiting Place 2 (vol 1)SLG
    4. JulyThe Waiting Place 3 (vol 1)SLG
    5. AugustThe Waiting Place 4 (vol 1)SLG
    6. SeptemberThe Waiting Place 5 (vol 1)SLG
    7. OctoberThe Waiting Place 6 (vol 1)SLG
  21. 1996 

    1. JanuaryNegative Burn 30Caliber
    2. SeptemberNegative Burn 38Caliber