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Teen Titans vol 8: Titans of Tomorrow

Teen Titans vol 8: Titans of Tomorrow

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Collects TEEN TITANS 50-54 (vol 3) .

Sean's Role
Sean's Collaborators
Todd Dezago (writer)
Geoff Johns (writer)
Marv Wolfman (writer)
Eddy Barrows (artist)
Alé Garza (artist)
Randy Green (artist)
Jamal Igle (artist)
Mike McKone (artist)
Todd Nauck (artist)
George Pérez (artist)
Joe Prado (artist)
Greg Tocchini (artist)
Oclair Albert (inker)
Marlo Alquiza (inker)
Julio Ferreira (inker)
Derek Fridolfs (inker)
Sandra Hope (inker)
Rob Hunter (inker)
Andy Lanning (inker)
Larry Stucker (inker)
Rod Reis (lead colorist)
David Curiel (colorist)
Tom Smith (colorist)
Travis Lanham (letterer)
Rob Leigh (letterer)
Steve Wands (letterer)
Release Date
July 2, 2008
DC Comics
144 page softcover. Full color.

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