Where to Find Me

Have some free scripts.

Over the years others have found it useful, or at least interesting, when I've shared my comic book scripts. Instead of tweeting about them, where the links are lost in the ether like tears in rain, I decided to set up a permanent spot to share them.

Some are for published comics, others were ultimately unpublished for various reasons. These scripts are © their respective owners. That means don't go thinking you can do anything with them other than download, be entertained, hone your writing or art skills—or wince at their awfulness, if you so determine.

Avengers United #1 unproduced
This was the first issue of what was to be a new ongoing Avengers series written by me with a rotating roster of artists. The general conceit behind it was that I would take each issue to focus on two Avengers who were part of a larger, ongoing plot. I had made an exception to finish the first six issues after signing an exclusive contract with DC, but Marvel ultimately decided to abort the series altogether.
Gravity #1
The first appearance of Greg Willis, a.k.a. Gravity, who was created by Mike Norton and me for Marvel. It was pretty cool to co-create this guy and have him interact with my all-time favorite super hero. We hoped here to do a modern take on the 80s Spider-Man vibe where he was college-aged, juggling work and bills and dating and trying his best to help people.
Mary Jane #1
This is where Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane started. It was a concept brought to me by editor Mackenzie Cadenhead, and originally requested by Avi Arad. Considering the popularity of Mary Jane Watson in the Spider-Man movies, he thought there should be a comic starring her. Mac asked me to envision a comic where Mary Jane was the main protagonist and Spider-Man and Peter Parker were supporting characters. What a joy this series was to write and collaborate on with such talented editorial and art teams.
Teen Titans #66 original draft
I thought I'd present one of my more heavily rewritten comic scripts to see how much can change from one draft to the next. This script was initially approved by DC editorial but someone higher up the food chain was not pleased with the issue's lighter tone.
Ultimate X-Men #75 unproduced
This was going to be the first of a 12-part arc executive produced by Bryan Singer, plotted by the writing team of X2: X-Men United and scripted by me. The team's involvement in Superman Returns took precedent and this one issue was all I ever got to write. (As consolation, I was given a backup slot in what would have been our first issue.)
X-Men Origins: Jean Grey #1
I like to share this one because I found artist Mike Mayhew's painted sequential art to be breathtaking and, were I not the writer, I'd be fascinated to see what he worked from.